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Style: Belgian Blond(e)

Duvel 6,66%

Belgian Blond Ale, with refermentation in the bottle.
Fully bodied blond with a beautiful, natural haziness.
Well balanced with fruity, soft finish. Lively, fruity aromas thanks to the use of orange zest and dry hopping.

Malt: Malted barley, malted wheat.
Hops: 6 refined hop varieties

(3.60) | 83,390 Ratings

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Achel 8° Blond (2022)

(3.72) | 395 Ratings

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Triporteur From Heaven

A heavily hopped beer brewed using home-baked malt. Triporteur From Heaven is the modern version of traditional hopped ale. It is a heavenly beer brewed with home-baked BOM malt. The wheat malt in the unfiltered beer can produce a light cloudiness. The taste of Heaven remains evolving in the bottle.

The From Heaven was the first real Triporteur we brewed. Before this beer brewed an In Heaven, but this beer was only created as an try-out. The Hell was already developed when the from Heaven came on the market. This is shown by the devil who is already in the background of the label. He is running to show his beer to the baker. The recipe of this beer didn’t changed since the startup. We wanted to brew a modern version of a Belgian Blond beer. In Belgium we use the word blond for a beer what is light colored, it doesn’t matter what kind of style it really is. So it is blond, but the style? Did you know we are using an angel on the label when we use baked malt?

(3.55) | 29,568 Ratings

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Brugse Zot

Brugse Zot is a goldenblond beer with a rich froth and a fruity flavouring. The beer is brewed with four different kinds of malt and two aromatic varieties of hop which give the beer its unique taste.
With an alcochol degrees proof of 6 % Vol it is a well balanced, easy drinking beer with character.
Brugse Zot is a natural beer born out of a selection of only the best ingredients. Thanks to the refermentation in the bottle, the beer has a longer natural life.

(3.67) | 216,349 Ratings

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