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Style: IPA - White

Maisel & Friends – Weizen IPA f.n.a. „Citrilla“

Born as „Citrilla“ this beer is called simple „Weizen IPA“ by May 2k19.

(3.46) | 24,072 Ratings

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Background Blooper Uiltje Brewing

Talus and Loral met at a small-town club. Talus wanted to be a star, Loral to hang at the local pub. Talus became a selfie queen and collected many fans. Loral played along but didn’t really understand. Talus only dreamed of being extraordinary. Loral hoped to god her dream was only temporary. But when she snapped the selfie that would make her legendary, Loral packed his bags and said, “Sorry babe, end of story.”

(3.64) | 3,306 Ratings

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