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Style: Pale Ale - International

Jacobus Pale Ale (RPA) Jopen Craft Beer

The Jopenkerk is officially called Jacobskerk (St. James Church). The church was inaugurated on 16 July 1911. To not let the 100th
anniversary of the church go unnoticed, we have brewed a beer called Jopen Jacobus RPA. Jacobus (James) is the patron saint of pilgrims, recognizable by the scallop shell – also known as St.
James’s Shell. In the past, these pilgrims spent the night in guest houses along the route of their
journey. Because of these visitors, these guest houses had a special arrangement with the tax authorities: they were exempt from excise duty as long as they brewed with rye. Hence we have chosen to make Jacobus beer a rye beer: a Rye Pale Ale.
5.3% alcohol and a generous handful of hops ensure a spicy, dry and full-flavoured hopped quaffer
with an amber colour. Imagine a light version of an IPA.
– Silver medal at World Beer Awards 2014
– World’s Best Gold, World Beer Awards 2013
– Bronze Award, World Beer Cup 2013
– Winner Bronze Medal World Beer Cup 2012
– Best new beer of 2011

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We like House Parties here in Norway… But no House Party is complete without a decent Loudspeaker. Brewed with Galaxy and Enigma to give it that unmistakable hop forward tropical citrus fruit flavour and light malt with flaked oats for that full bodied but not too heavy mouthfeel.

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Pale Ale

Gweilo Pale Ale is a light, citrusy pale ale. We use Cascade to create an intense tropical fruit aroma. This is followed by a crisp, refreshing bitterness which doesn’t linger, resulting in an extremely drinkable pale ale.

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