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Style: Stout - Coffee

Adiós Amigos Gorilla Cerveceria

Adiós Amigos is our first, nostalgic, transatlantic beer

A choco stout (6,5% ABV) of beautiful dark colour and a strong roasted aroma.

A slight bitter cocoa taste and its heavy body make it a beer to be sipped, savoured and enjoyed. Ideal for these cold days, to be cosy and drink at home.

A ‚goodbye‘ to old friends and a ‚Hallo‘ to the new ones

(3.53) | 584 Ratings

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Braumanufaktur Hertl Caramel Cappuccino

(3.63) | 438 Ratings

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Insomnia (2021)

Many asked for a rebrew of this, so here we go. Dark, strong and smooth: Our weapon of choice against sleep is back! Fermented with super delicious Cold Brew extracted from fair-trade organic coffee beans from our local friends at Cold Bro. Rich flavours of chocolate, nuts, mildly roasted coffee and dark berry fruits combine to create a harmonious smooth mouthfeel. Insider tip: pair it with blue cheese! Sounds crazy? We love it!

(3.73) | 820 Ratings

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